Step 1: Reserve a MicroBrew Kettle
  Call (425) 776-4209 - or better yet, come on down and get to know the place, meet the Brewologists and get on the Brew Schedule.

We will assign you one of our Steam Fired, Professional Copper Clad  Brew Kettles.  Each Kettle makes about 13 gallons of wort. (132-12oz. bottles). 
You can walkin to brew, but there may not be an open kettle Due to busy scheduling we highly recommend reserving your Kettle 1 or 2 weeks in advance.

Complete instructions with your recipe and equipment and ingredients will be supplied at the time of your scheduled brew.  In addition to a variety of bowls, measuring devices, & spatulas you will get to use a specially designed professional Copper brew kettle and Wort Chiller. 
Brew Masters are always on site to assist you
Brew staff will care for your keg of brew - moving it through fermentation & finishing stages in temperature controlled rooms until your scheduled bottling time.   The average fermenting/aging time is only two weeks, then your beer will be ready for drinking and enjoying.  Step 1 - Reserve Kettle


    Step 2.    Choose a Beer Recipe

When you arrive, we can talk about what styles of beer you enjoy (maybe taste a few styles along the way), and help you choose a brew from among our 50+ different recipes.
This is sometimes the hardest step, as we've got everything from Wheat Beers, to Pale Ales, to Ambers, to Stouts and everything in between.
For our example, lets choose my favorite = "Galley Mac."

Each recipe sheet includes specs for the beer: Color, Gravity Alcohol content and how bitter it is.
Galley Mac is a Gallaghers' recipe most similar to a Mac & Jack African Amber. I love this beer because it pours a beautiful copper color with a slight chill haze and a thick white head that turns into a huge lace, coating the entire glass. Lots of pine, citrus and flowery characteristics on the nose with slight hints of tropical fruits as well. Galley Mac flavor is rich with a delightful nutty flavor and a slight hop linger on the back of the throat. Smatterings of spicy ness coming through towards the end. Finishes rich and smooth. Alcohol is 5.5% and the full batch costs $155.00. That works out to $1.37 per 12oz. bottle - Cheaper than the grocery store! I often make my own labels (See the FAQ), but that is another story. 

    Step 3:  Measuring Ingredients

Your Beer Recipe card will tell you all of the ingredients and how much of each ingredient you will need.  Your brewing sheet in will instruct you when and how to add the ingredients.  In this step 3 we get everything prepared, measured out and ready to go.  You start by adding water to the Steam Fired Brew Kettle.  While it fills you will measure out the Grains.  For the Galley Mac we get to use Crystal and Munich grain.  We Crack the Grain into the steeper and dangle the grain steeper in the cold kettle. Turn the Steam on to begin heating. While the Kettle slowly heats up you measure out the Hops & Malts needed for your beer.
Galley Mac uses a little Irish Moss, Columbus aroma hops
in the Red plate, Willamette bittering hops in the blue plate, and Cascade flavoring hops in the yellow plate.  Next you measure out the Malts. For our Galley Mac we will use Amber malt and Lager malt..

That is it. Mouse over to Step 4.

        Step 4 Making the Wort
Okay, As you measured out the ingredients you also filled the Kettle with cold water. You started the wort by hanging the Grain Steeper in the cold kettle and turned the Steam Valve 1/3rd ON - to begin the heating.

Step 4 starts when the Kettle reaches 160 Degrees. 
Remove the Grain Steeper and Pour in Malts using a spatula to get all the malt out.  When your kettle reaches a boil turn the steam off.  At this point you write down the time and use the instruction sheet settings to Time the following:

      Step 5 Chill & Keg & Ferment
Okay.  When your have reached the end of making the wort - ask for assistance to pump the wort through the wort chiller and into your Keg.

When the Brew master tells you to - Open the Wort valve
Your Wort goes through the wart chilling heat exchanger to quickly reduce the heat of the wort.  While filling your Keg the Brew master will add live Yeast to your keg.  When the Brewmaster tells you - Close the Wort valve.  Put your name, beer name, brew date, finishing room date and bottling date on your Keg.  Pat it a bye bye and for the next 2 weeks the Brew masters will move it through the fermentation and finishing stages.  Don't forget your bottling date!  Brews left 30 days beyond your bottling date will be disposed of to make room for the next brewers! Do not forget to come back to bottle and take your beer home!  (Can you believe this actually happens) Next Step:

Step 6   Bottling and Enjoying your own Microbrew

Yahoo, this is almost the best part - best part being the enjoyment of your brewing labors with friends.  In fact, you should consider getting a friend to come help with the brewing & bottling.  We will be expecting you to come in on your bottling date.  We do Not Call You.  When you come in a Brewmaster will carbonate and set up your Keg and assign you a filling station while you put all your clean bottles through the Sanitization Unit.  A full 13 gallon Brew takes about 132-12 oz bottles or 72-22 oz bottles. Gallaghers' does stock and sell 12 ounce bottles cost: $13.14/case of 24 and/or 22 ounce bottles cost:$12.48 per case.  You are welcome to re-use your own bottles, but make absolutely positive they are CLEAN.  (TIP: Clean then store empty bottles UPSIDE DOWN so nothing collects or grows in the bottom of the bottles).  We have all the bottle top tools you need. 

Storing your beer is easy too! Just keep it in a cool, dark place ( under the stairs is a great spot), your brew will be good for 3-6 months!

  Beer Brewing

(425) 776 - 4209

(425) 776 - 4209

*Call in advance to reserve you copper kettle for brewing*

  Mouse over the 6 Brewing Steps below

Brewing your own beer is fun, educational, social, creative and turns out to be surprisingly economical considering the amount of craft beer you will be taking home.

You can choose a recipe from a huge variety of beers like IPA's, Pilsners, Ales, Pales Stouts, Wheat Beers, Porters, Ciders and even Root Beer.

It just may well be the best beer you've ever had

Beer Brewing Step 11 Reserve Kettle

Beer Brewing Step 12 Choose a Recipe

Beer Brewing Step 13 Brew Ingredients

Beer Brewing Step 14 Making the Wort

Beer Brewing Step 15 Chill & Keg

Beer Brewing Step 16 Bottle & Enjoy

Gallaghers' Top 50 unique beer recipes. In addition to the Top 50 - Gallaghers' keeps things lively by regularly introducing new brews for you to try. The Brew Staff as well as Mug Clubbers regularly experiment and tweak recipe favorites to entice the beer lovers palate. New brews are often featured in the Tasting Room in attempts to be voted up to the Top 50

         Do The BOP (Brew On Premises)
OurDennis beers are generally full body beers bursting with flavor and bright color. We have recipes for all palates and beer drinkers.  Your average cost per 12oz of beer averages $1.15. This is a significant savings over comparable high quality microbrew beer you would buy at the grocery store. Plus you can say that you made it yourself!

We have step by step brewing guides and in-house professional brewmasters to make sure your brewing experience is a triumphant and tasty success. Your brewing time will be around two hours. Feel free to come in early to sample a few beers on tap that you can make yourself.
After your brewing session you can return 2 weeks later to bottle up your own brew. At that time you are ready to drink & enjoy your own hand crafted microbrew.

*We will hold your beer for up to a month before claiming it as our own.*

We have a professional bottle sterilization unit for your use. This is NOT a bottle washer
YOU are responsible for inspecting & washing bottles you have collected for bottling any brew at Gallaghers.  *We do sell beer bottles:

  • 12 oz bottles cost: $13.14 per case of 24
  • 22 oz bottles cost: $12.48 per case of 12

See FAQ's for *Caring for your beer *Bottles
*Labels *Maps *Custom recipes * and more

Mark your Calendar! Brews left 30 days beyond your bottling date will be disposed of to make room for the next brewers! Do not forget to come back to bottle and take your beer home! (Can you believe this actually happens)

Filtered Brew vs. Unfiltered?

After many nights of rigorous testing with the scientists at GALLAGHERS' INSTITUTE OF BEEROLOGY, Ales Department, we have confirmed our suspicions. Yeast is good for you. 
Home brewers have long claimed that unfiltered beer is healthier for you. Filtering makes beer clear but removes all the yeast and all the wonderful flavors that they provide. Yeast provides B vitamins which have been claimed to reduce the affects of hangovers. 
   To test that theory, the scientists subjected themselves to repeated nights of studying the affect of filtered vs. unfiltered. 
We concluded filtered beer nights produced a wish for quick death, unfiltered nights brought the memory of a great meal! 
Decide what's right for you. 

* Seriously though, unfiltered beer does furnish many more vitamins!

Easy as 1-2-3 Beer Brewing   3-Videos :

The invention of beer has been argued to be responsible for humanity's ability to develop technology and build civilization. 

(More recipes are available)
Comparable Style Beer   Full Batch Half Batch
1   Magnum PI….A Maritime IPA 8% $175.00 $100.00
2   Joe's Madness Delicious IPA 6% $170.00 $100.00
3  Warsteiner German Pils 5% $150.00 $100.00
4  Nuthouse Brown Jolly Roger 7.5% $175.00 $100.00
5   White Knuckle NW IPA 7.5% $170.00 $100.00
6  Hop Zen PA Mystical IPA 7.5% $180.00 $100.00
7  Dark Side IPA Black IPA 8% $185.00 NO
8  Yardbone Bone Yard R.P.M. 6.5% $165.00 YES
9 Counterfeit Rye Rye Wheat 4% $150.00 NO
10  Czech Pilsner Pilsner Urquell 5% $150.00 NO
11  Danish Pilsner Danish Pilsner 5% $150.00 $100.00
12  Dark Dawn Winter Pale Winter Pale Ale 6% $175.00 $100.00
13  SIP (Summit Imperial Pale) Prodigal Sun IPA 8.5% $175.00 $100.00
14  Steam Anchor Steam 5% $150.00 NO
15  Cut your Grass Summer Blonde 5% $150.00 $100.00
16  Golden Nugget Blonde Redhook Blonde 5% $150.00 $100.00
17  Jackal Rye Redhook Rye 5% $155.00 NO
18  Hop Blooded BIG IPA 8% $175.00 $100.00
19  Nutcracker Brown Dark Nut Brown 5% $165.00 $100.00
20  Octoberfest HB Oktoberfest 5.5% $155.00 NO
21  Gallagator Salvator Dopple 8% $175.00 NO
22  Curly Blonde No Other 5% $150.00 $100.00
23  Stepha Leffa Belgian Tripple 8.2% $185.00 NO
24  Brewwerks Smoked Scottish Smoked Amber Ale 5% $155.00 NO
25  Great Dane Hoppy Pils 5% $150.00 $100.00
26  Weak In The Knees Hoppy Summer Blonde 7% $160.00 $100.00
27  Eric The Red Sockeye Red 6% $165.00 $100.00
28  Bearded Cannonball Old Rasputin Stout 8.5% $180.00 $100.00
29  Hals Celebration Pale NW Pale Ale 5.5% $155.00 $100.00
30  Abercrombie's Special Porter Full-bodied Porter 6% $165.00 $100.00
31  Apollo Pale God Like Pale 5% $155.00 NO
32  Taylors Amber Alaskan Amber 5% $155.00 No
33  Hambone Amber Fullsail Amber 5% $150.00 NO
34  Galley Mac Mac & Jack 5.5% $155.00 $100.00
35  Hals Celebration Amber Redhook E.S.B. 5.5% $155.00 NO
36  English Strong Bitter Old Style English 5% $155.00 NO
37  Aplomado Pale Imperial Pale 7.5% $175.00 $100.00
38  Dark Knight Porter American Porter 6% $165.00 $100.00
39  5th Ave Wheat Light Wheat Beer 5% $150.00 NO
40  Belgian White Medium Wheat 5% $160.00 $100.00
41  Cealidh Wheat Hefeweizen 5% $155.00 NO
42  MONK Belgian Treat 8% $185.00 $100.00
43   Hals Celebration IPA Mirror Pond 6% $160.00 $100.00
44  Occupy My Pint IPA Medium I.P.A. 6% $155.00 $100.00
45  Eddy Hop I P A Gold Medal I.P.A. 6% $160.00 $90.00
46   Giant Octopus Winter Warmer 5% $175.00 NO
47  Faceplant Winter Ale Pyramid Snow Cap 6% $155.00 $100.00
48  Stalin's Stout The Devil 8.2% $185.00 $100.00
49   Bellicose Blonde Bright and Hoppy 5% $150.00 $100.00
50  Russian Imperial Stout Grants Russian 8.2% $175.00 $100.00
51  Broken Stones Diamond Knot 8% $175.00 $100.00
Due to the increase in the availability of Hops, we can now offer Dry Hopping at the rate of $1.75/ounce

There are several more Beers that have not made it onto the BOP List. We add recipes often. Yes experienced brewers can create their own recipe.

* Root Beer * Yes, we have some of the best ROOT BEER ever.

* Ciders * Yes, we have some of the best Fruit Ciders around

Hey, don't forget - the Perfect gift -
a Brewing Gift Certificate - of course!

2006 Family Brewing Video

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