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Craft Your Perfect Wine

If you are interested in crafting the best quality wine available, Gallaghers is where you want to go.  We use top of the line wine making kits from WINEXPERT.  Together we have over several dozens of varieties of award winning quality grape juices.  From local Yakima Valley to Limited and exclusive blends around the world, you are sure to find the right wine.  Our guaranteed combination of superior wine kits and tried and tested fermentation process will make you glad that you brewed with us. 

The first step of wine making only takes about 15 minutes to complete in order to start the fermentation process.  You will learn and play an active roll in the first steps of juice to wine.

Depending on which wine you choose, the next 6-8 weeks your wine will stay in our wine cellar fermenting and being properly attended throughout the process.  All the proper steps will be done to your wine by our trusted wine volunteers or you may be a volunteer as well/but not necessary. 

Your wine will be ready to bottle in six to eight weeks.  Once fermentation is done you will have the pleasure of personally bottling your batch. Each batch of wine makes about 28 750ml bottles.  Wine is ready to drink this day but depending on what you brewed, different recommended bottle aging times may apply. Make a your own great high quality wine at a cost effective price!

Bring your own clean wine bottles or we can provide 750ml or 375ml bottles
(Wine corks are included at no charge)

Image by Olivia Bauso


Brew Delicious Cider

Our kits vary from light and dry to fruity and sweet.  We currently stock Apple, Pear, Spiced Apple, Mixed Berry, Pineapple, Peach/Mango,  and more. The sweetness level can be adjusted on every batch to suit your taste.

All Ciders price at $110 for 5 Gallon Kit

One batch is about 50-55 – 12oz bottles.

You can supply your own collection of clean beer bottles or purchase 12oz or 22oz bottles from us.

Caps provided.

We have a professional bottle sterilization unit for your use.  All bottles must be run through the Sterilization System. The sterilization system is is NOT a bottle washer, so be sure the bottles you bring are clean and not twist off.

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